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  1、You are one of the most CUTE persons in the world!Just a second,don't misunderstand.CUTE means:Creating。,Useless,。Troubles,Everywhere.

  2、Today, tomorrow。 an。d forever there will be。 one heart tha。t woul。d always beat for you. You know whose??? Your Own Stupid Aprill Fooooooolllllllll.

  3、Yo。u Are the on。e who is CHARMING,。You Are the one who is INTELLIGENT,。You Are the one who is CUTE,And I am the One who is spreading these R。UMOU。RS.

  4、If you are a shoot。ing star I chase given you, if you ar。e a satellite I will wai。t f。or you, if you are a sta。r I'll Fall in love with you, but unfortunately ... you are a gorilla I。 can only see you at t。he zoo ! Un。fortunately, ah!

  5、April Fool's Da。y coming, April 1, text message。s are bogus, means just the。 opposite, please。 pay attention. The following is the first: You are a lover of handsome jade tree as beaut。iful as the devil is!

  6、I love you for life! This is true trust m。e! You're my baby! Life is missing you can not do! Your heart is only I know! Your eyes the most tender,April Fool the happy!

  7、Psychological tests: You race against a bear, you want to: 1 you run fast 2。 fast 3 slower than the bear ... the answer : 1。 t。han beasts, beasts; 2 animals; beast than you! Happy April Fool '。s Day。!

  8、You sta。nd in the crowd was white from the wind long hair, as the most beautiful melody, echoed in my mind, I want to say: your wig of。f ... today Apr。il Fool'。s。 Day O。h。!

  9、Poor mobile phone use。rs, very sorry, because you confirm this entry SMS, so infected the April Fool's Day bacteria. Bacteria are marched in 愚人节英语祝福robust pace through。 your body .....

  10、I。f。 you l。ook。 ugly, please call 110; if you build well, pleas。e call 120; If you are a bad temper, please call 119; if you feel beaut。iful, please。 call my cell phone。, go into the d。etails ......

  11、your face。 than th。e Chen Sh。imei also America's eyes brighter than the wi。se; my lo。ve than Lu Zhishen。 deep my love than Guan Yu is still long, but my pro。mise Monkey King is al。so empty. April Fool's Day Happy!

  12、you are very happy; see you are very happy;love you I will never do; your mind is something I have been。 doing;howev。er,lie to yo。u just。 what happened.

  13、Last night I Got a sever。e Headache。.I wen。t to the Doctor.He s。aid that It。 would be cured If I would send a SMS to some stupid。 person.

  14、This lov。e, is love, a love, go。od love, way love,To love, k。eep love, an l。ove, idiot l。ove, busy love,For love, 20 love, seconds love!Now read it without the word love.



  1. Because of you I believe in fate perhaps al。l this are doomed to heaven having a Mianmianzhizhong traction. Now I want to say is that I Shangbeizi. what is built Nie ah?


  2. Also known as the bricks and mortar boards infants bricks the。 old Beijing is the most characterist。ic of the cultural heritage of one。 o。f a lethal strong and e。asy-to-carry concealed not w。eapons and other c。haracteristics…… shoot you use the most appropriate!


  3. Psychological test: If you and the coward race you want to: 1 you run fast; as fast; you coward slower than…。 answer:。 you than beasts also a beast; you are beas。ts; beast than you。! Happy April Fool's Day!


  4. Notice: April Fool's Day appro。aching on April 1 you receive text messages are b。ogus meaning ex。ac。tly opposite pleas。e pay a。ttention. Following is the first: You are handsome styles Yushulinfeng b。eauty of the blossoming devil build lover!


  5. you a。re the sun in my heart but it began to rain; you are the moon in。 my drea。m but it was obscured by clouds; you are the most beautiful flower。 in my heart but held; you are the goddess of the moon in the sky will fall to the earth unfortunately in the fac。e of first the.....。.


  6. in my eyes you will always be looked so carefree and eating wi。th r。elish is always sleep is always Hanran sleep. I really envy you ah sometimes think do a pig is also very good.


  7. my mother and I s。aid I like you I w。ant you to accompany me day and night. You know thr。ough this period of time I found that I can't be without you now. But my mother refused she said: "the family is not allowed to raise pigs"


  8. Aft。er dinn。er s。even C。ommandment: I quit smoki。ng quit immediately eat two fruits three ring relaxed belt the four immediat。ely quit dri。nki。ng Wuj。iebaibu w。alk bat。he immediately quit six seven quit immediately to sleep! Journey: Remember?


  9. If you look ugly call 0 if you build well call 120 if you temper b。ad call if。 you feel beau。tiful call my ce。ll phone and elaborated…。…


  10. Because you I belie。ve in fate perhaps all this are doomed to heaven ha。ving a Mianmianzhizhong tra。ct。ion. Now I want to say is that I。 Shangbe。izi--what。 is。 built Nie ah?


  11. Als。o known as the bricks and mortar boards infants bricks the old Beijing is the most characte。rist。ic of the cultu。ral heritage of one of a lethal stron。g and easy-to-carry concealed not weapons and other characteristics--shoot you use the most appropriate!


  12. Psycholog。ical test: If you and the。 coward race you want to: 1 you run fast; as fas。t。; you coward slower than… answer: you than beasts also a beast; you are beasts; beast tha。n you! Happy April Fool's Day!


  13. Shaceng said: I have 1 cha。nge! Journey said: I have 32 change! Wukong said: I am 2 changed! In his Tang Seng。: Nishi on the tr。eat。ment you。 change a ph。one call I saw how other people look at monsters with phone messages? Happy April Fool's Day!


  14. an urgent reminder: look at your left and then look at yo。ur right. Please be careful just slipped o。ut of a mental illness his f。eatu。res are: holding a mobile phone look around.紧急提醒:看看你的左边再看看你的右边。请小心一个刚溜出来的精神病他的特征是:拿着手机东。张西望。

  15. want to with you to see the sea but can not grasp the unfathomable future; think and you。 g。o mountain climbing is full to the ideal of the vacant; think and you to drift but not the happy heaven; want to go shopping with you has been the police refused he said: don't walk a dog!


  16. the first。 sight to see you I said to myself: you are my life to s。trive for the goal I wan。t to pursue you I want。 to hug you. I。 want to announce: I love you....。.....


  17. do you have a TV? Look at CCTV1 the White House was bombed the whole building c。ollapsed the police have closed down the entire Washington 1。 people were killed and 32 injured people lost... 1 people cheated!


  18. d。o not move! Robbery! All han。ds up! Men stand on the left the woman stood on the right abnormal。 st。ation in the middle hey! Said is you but also installed to see the phone!


  19. you。r quality such as plu。m general staunch; my character like a glacier and refined。; you have admirable connotation; you h。ave let people dump of cool; and we respectfully call you "Meichuan underpants was"!


  20. yesterday I dreamed of y。ou really the sky is s。o Mingjing sunshine is so beautiful the sea is so。 bound。less you sta。nd on the blue sea I take small st。ick a poke you。 hey this i。s small bastard case is quite hard.(算命w。ww.www.xxxxx.xxx)


  21. th。e d。ay I sa。w you in the supermarket! You secretly reache。d barcode scanner and the。 screen display: yu。an pig's trotters. Do you think the machine is broken a。nd leaned over to loo。k at the scree。n d。i。splay PigHead meat yuan!


  22. It is just a gust of wind worth mentioning but why is so eternal just a dream。 wh。y is so real you do not b。ow to t。h。e phrase but I can not cal。m I finally couldn't help t。o say to you: next time you fart say!


  23. In my eyes you will always be looked carefree and eating with relish is always sleep is alway。s Hanran sleep…… I



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